Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island is one of the islands located in Sydney Harbour. It's around a 30 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay and was heritage listed in 2010 because of it's colonial past.

Prior to colonial times, it was used by the Eora people, who are the Aboriginal people of and around Sydney's coast.

During colonial times, it was used as a gaol, because the Norfolk Island gaols were overcrowded. Some of the convicts were on Cockatoo Island because they'd caused too much trouble on Norfolk Island, and had to be put somewhere else.

The convict sleeping quarters would have been very cold in winter, and very hot in summer with large, packed spaces full of people. Sleeping would have also been difficult, with just a lump of wood as a "pillow".

Entrance to sleeping quarters

Building 2

Later, it was used as a Naval shipbuilding yard. These giant clamps were used to hold steel that had to be moulded in to frames for the ships.

Giant frangipanis in front of naval officer quarters.
Frangipani Trees

The island has some beautiful large, old trees.
Giant Fig
Giant Jacaranda
Tree roots in the rocks

Because it was a naval shipyard during World War II, they were concerned about it being bombed so they made these tunnels through the rock, so in case of air-raids everyone had somewhere to hide and wait it out.
Air-raid tunnel
Air-raid tunnel 2

These days, it has magnificent views of the harbour and the city.
Going up
Harbour View

You can also do some camping on-site, though I think it'd be a bit cold for me in winter.
Camping view

There's still a lot more to see around the island, we'll have to revisit and see what else we can find.