Bushwalk in Blaxland

I was able to get up to the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney for an afternoon of bushwalking. I found a track at the back of Blaxland (which is just at the start of the Blue Mountains) to follow. It wasn't much of a track, but it was fun.

The tall trees as I wandered along the track.

The track is here somewhere..
Track Back
Track Forward

The beautiful winter sunlight streaming through the trees.
Sunlight streaming through the trees

After a while I found a track leading down a very steep path and I could hear a stream running below. It took a while to get down (and even longer to get back up), but it was a great spot at the bottom.

The stream and pool at the bottom was gorgeous in the afternoon light, reflecting off the hills in the background.
Pool in afternoon light

The stream filled with large boulders and rocks.

Soon it was time to head back up the track and home again.

Large ferns back in the bush

I'll have to visit this spot again, and spend some more time wandering around.